We have kindly been granted the use of a vacant shop known as ‘The Old Post Office’ at 19 Oaks Street, Thirlmere and is not far up the road from where we were. This is a wonderful opportunity to exhibit and it would be great to have works on show from all our talented members, old and new. Please note that members who wish to exhibit their works of art will also be required to be on the roster of the gallery one day per month. We also envisage that all artworks will be replaced every three (3) months, with next rotation being March 2011. Commission will remain 10% of sales price. 

Those wishing to exhibit need to deliver their works to the new Gallery on 
- Friday 19th Nov 2.30pm to 3.30pm after Tony’s ‘Art Escapades’ or - 
- Saturday 20th Nov 10.00am to 12.00 noon or 
- by arrangement 
(contact Roswitha 4681 0535 or roswitha01@gmail.com) 

Artwork needs to have the title of the work, medium used, artist’s name/contact and price attached to the back of the work. 

A roster will be set up for store minding. Please put your name down on Friday and Saturday when you deliver your works or let us know otherwise. Those already on the old roster, please let us know if you are still available. 
Please call Julie on 4683 0808 or contact Roswitha. 

The new ‘Gallery @ the Old PO’ will be open 
- each weekend 10am to 4pm Sunday, 21st November until Sun, 19th December 
(pending on people minding the Gallery) and 
- reopen around Australia Day Wednesday 26th January 2011 
Look forward to seeing everyone and your lovely creations.